Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

When disagreements between shareholders, partners or senior executives begin to deteriorate into full blown disputes, things can quickly spiral out of control.

When you have worked hard on creating or building a business and you have put so much time, energy and passion into it, internal disputes can not only be devastatingly stressful for you but they can cause serious damage to the business too.

Whether your dispute is about management or profit splits, or the shareholders are at loggerheads with each other or your directors; at Smithfield Partners, our dedicated and focused commercial dispute specialists in our City of London office will work with you to resolve your dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible without causing further and unnecessary damage to relationships and to your business.

Smithfield Partners’ commercial dispute lawyers will take a practical approach, reviewing your position, taking into account Partnership Agreements, Shareholders Agreements and other commercial documents to advise you on the legal as well as the practical issues regarding the shareholder and partnership disputes you face.

We will guide you on your options and the different routes available to you to bring an end to the disagreement. This may include alternative forms of dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration.

Our shareholder and partnership dispute specialists will work with you sympathetically but always with a commercially-focused outlook, helping you to make the best decisions for your future in business.

Where litigation cannot be avoided, our Central London based lawyers have experience in all commercial litigation forums and will take a strong but cost-effective approach to make the process as painless as possible for you and to minimise disruption to your business.

We have a track record of successfully negotiating resolutions of board room and shareholder deadlocks.

Contact us today and we will match you up with the lawyer with the most experience in the area of your dispute. Alternatively, you can contact one of our shareholder and partnership dispute specialists directly by viewing their profile.

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