The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) requires that we provide pricing information in relation to certain types of work, including in relation to the sale or purchase of a residential property.

Our fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on the sale or purchase price. The range of our base legal fees for your transaction will typically be from £595 plus VAT (of £119) – £8,000 plus VAT (of £1600). A typical example of our fees for a freehold purchase is as follows:

  • Freehold purchase at a purchase Price of £300,000
  • Fee Estimate: £755 plus vat and disbursements

This is an example and you should contact us to obtain a detailed quote based on your specific requirements.


This is an example of our basic fee for handling a purchase at the price given above and there will be added third party costs and expenses that will be incurred on a typical transaction (known as ‘disbursements’). These are sums we collect from you and pay to third parties such as the following:

  1. Stamp Duty Land Tax;
  2. Land Registry fees (the total of which vary depending on the purchase price and nature of the transaction and the property);
  3. Costs of the normal Conveyancing Searches (which will also vary depending on the type of and the location of the Property; and
  4. Pre-completion Land Registry Searches and Bankruptcy Searches.

Additional Conveyancing Charges

The following is a list of applicable charges that we apply where additional work, as briefly described below, is required in connection with the particular conveyancing matters

Additional Service Additional Charge* Notes
Dealing with title defects £150
Dealing with unsecured loans/debts £50 Per loan/debt
Registering or redeeming second charge – (Mortgage lender’s fee) £50 Per mortgage/charge
Deed of variation to Lease or Title Covenants £250
Transfer of freehold (subject to lease) purchase per lease £200 Not including Land Registration fees
Licence to occupy £200
File retrieval £30 From storage
Statutory declaration £95
Advice on legal aspects on survey reports £100
Online ID verification £7.20
Redeeming mortgage £100
Dealing with Unregistered Property £200
New build properties £300
Leasehold purchase £200
Bank Transfer Fee (per transfer) £30
Acting for the Lender where a mortgage is required £150
Freeholds subject to a Management Charge £100
To process the Conveyancing Searches £50
To process the Stamp Duty Land Tax form £50
Reissuing draft contracts following prior loss of buyer £50
Declaration of Trust (simple format) £150
Large document copying charge £25
Help to Buy Schemes involved £150

*All charges are exclusive of VAT.

Referral Fees

There may be a referral fee applicable to your transaction. In the event that there is we will inform you of this. An average referral fee would be in the region of £150.