Minority Shareholder Remedies

If you hold a minority share in a profitable company, it may feel like a great asset or provide a useful source of dividends. But if you stop seeing eye-to-eye with the directors or majority shareholders, you may feel powerless to object if you disagree with the direction the company is taking.

As long as the majority shareholders and directors do not act unlawfully and there is nothing in a Shareholders Agreement which disallows it; as a minority shareholder you cannot usually prevent changes such as increases in share capital, even if you strongly believe those changes will have a significant and negative impact on either you or the company.

Minority Shareholder Rights

In cases where a conflict arises there are some statutory minority shareholder rights which our specialist commercial lawyers can advise you on. These options require court action which can be a daunting prospect for an individual challenging a corporation but our practical and dedicated lawyers will guide you on the merits of your claim.

After investigating the statutory books and records of the company, your lawyers at Smithfield Partners in London will help you weigh up the prospects of success and the options available to you. This can include:

• A personal claim against the company
• An unfair prejudice claim
• An application to wind the company up
• An action against the directors in the name of the company

You may even be able to secure a court order to obtain funding for your claim from the company itself.

With the power and authority of a law firm in the City of London but with the client care you would expect of a smaller practice, we aim to make you feel reassured by having our passionate and experienced lawyers on your side.

If you would like more information on minority shareholder remedies, contact us today and we will answer any queries you may have. If you prefer, you can contact one of our corporate or litigation law specialists directly by email, by viewing their profile.

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