Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Rare is the business that runs forever smoothly. When things do not go to plan emotions often run high and profits are usually at stake so commercial disputes can escalate quickly.

Without the pragmatic advice of the right legal adviser who understands your business and the practical issues you face, resolution can seem impossible and costs can quickly spiral beyond all expectations.

Our Central London based lawyers understand how important a quick and painless resolution of disputes is for your business and your peace of mind. At Smithfield Partners our litigation and dispute resolution lawyers have City honed legal expertise in dispute resolution, but we pride ourselves on our friendly, practical and commercial approach. That means your relationship with us will feel more like that of a local business partner than that of your typical City lawyer.

In any commercial dispute, we will analyse complicated legal principles and put them into a clear, practical context for your business and its unique circumstances; bringing order and logic to the complexities of your commercial dispute. When it is time to get tough, we will be steadfast and ready to fight your corner.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution Specialists

We have worked on some big ticket cases like the Premier League broadcasting rights case we successfully took to the European Court of Justice in 2012, but our lawyers put as much passion into chasing a small debt for a family-run business as they do for a major litigation case. We value most what is important to you and your business, whatever your size or standing.

Each member of our litigation and dispute resolution team in London has their own area of expertise and, between us we can cover any aspect of commercial disputes, including:

Commercial and Contractual Disputes
Shareholder and Partnership Disputes
Insolvency and Debt Recovery
Minority Shareholder Remedies
Property Disputes
Professional Negligence Claims

Whatever advice and support you need to help to resolve your commercial dispute, we can help. Contact us today and we will match you up with the lawyer who is the best fit for your business even beyond the borders of London and who has the most experience in the area of your dispute.

Alternatively, you can contact one of our litigation and dispute resolution lawyers directly by viewing their profile.

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