Intellectual Property Disputes

Having competitors imitating your work is a great compliment. It is a sign that you have created something so good that others want to copy it. Unfortunately that is where the positives end.

When you have worked tirelessly to build the reputation of your brand or put so much time and money into the design and development of your products or services, it is a blow to see your competitors trying to take the credit and financial rewards.

A strategic approach to monitoring and enforcement of intellectual property rights is essential for businesses whose value is heavily tied to their intangible assets. Swift action should be taken in cases of passing off, copyright and trade mark infringement. Our Central London based solicitors will advise you on the available remedies, including injunctions to stop the offending conduct and how your financial compensation claim should be formulated.

At Smithfield Partners London, our intellectual property specialists understand the impact breaches of intellectual property rights can have on your business. We work tirelessly for our clients to prevent and stop any instances of passing off or infringements of copyrights or trademarks.

Our Strong Track Record in Intellectual Property Disputes

Several of our clients have large and international trademark portfolios and collections of copyright work. We have a fantastic track record of strategically co-ordinating and managing responses to intellectual property infringements in a commercially advantageous and cost-effective way.

If formal proceedings do become necessary, our lawyers have experience in the intellectual property courts and international trade mark offices and work passionately and intensely to make sure costs stay in proportion to your budget and the issues at hand.

To your competitors, we hold the power and might of a law firm in the City of London, but to you we offer the commercially-focused, friendly and personal service you would expect of a smaller law firm. Contact us today and we will match you up with the lawyer who is the best fit for your business. Alternatively, you can contact one of our intellectual property dispute specialists directly by viewing their profile.

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