Information Technology Contracts

Obtaining up to date legal advice on information technology (IT) contracts can be a tricky for businesses.

Things develop at a fast pace in the world of IT so sound legal advice in this area requires a lawyer that not only has an astute legal mind but also direct experience and a firm grasp in the ever-changing IT industry.

At Smithfield Partners, our Central London based technology lawyers are equally passionate about both law and technology so we will apply this combined experience and knowledge to your business with a strong commercial focus and a practical approach.

Working closely with you, our lawyers can negotiate, draft and provide strategic advice on information technology contracts. We will work with you to understand every detail about how your business works so we can advise you and protect your business from any unintended local and global consequences of your commercial IT proposals.

Information technology contracts span a wide array of legal areas, including general contract law, intellectual property, commercial law and regulatory issues. Our lawyers have the well-rounded experience and expertise to tackle each of these topics clearly and comprehensively.

Whether you need advice on e-commerce, cloud computing, software development, cybersecurity or outsourcing, our information technology lawyers are up to date and forward-thinking, always striving to ensure your business is one step ahead of the game in the world of IT.

We have acted for businesses of all shapes and sizes, including cutting-edge technology companies like app developers, virtual desktop providers and a range of e-commerce enterprises.

As you would expect of a City of London based law firm, our lawyers are regarded as experts in their field, but at Smithfield and Partners, you are not just a number on a screen. Our lawyers will work collaboratively with your business to become a trusted and valuable part of your team.

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